The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters

An extensive site site tracking the religious affiliations of comic book characters. Examples:

Superman: Methodist
Spider-Man: Protestant
Batman: Episcopalian/Catholic (lapsed)
Wonder Woman: Greco-Roman Classical Religion
Captain America: Protestant
The Hulk: Non-Religious
The Thing: Jewish
Daredevil: Catholic
Wolverine: former atheist
Elektra: Greek Orthodox

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters.

(via Growabrain).


  1. None of them are relying on faith to make their religious choices, that’s for sure.

    Which just leaves me puzzled: How can you be an atheist when there are angels, demons, and gods walking around?

    Perhaps the burden of proof is just that much higher in the comic world.

    “Raised from the dead, eh? I’ve done that… about five times, bub.” “God of Thunder? Pff. I can rearrange molecules with my mind.”

    A universe where the gods are just more devotional figures with inspirational messages… who can be crushed into atoms by the next interloper from Planet X who happens to gain the power cosmic.

  2. Yeah, I could see that. I mean, who’s to say who’s a god or demon and who’s just a super being from another dimension?

    What’s this shite about Mr. Fantastic and Ivisible Girl going to Heaven to get the Thing back? Uggghhh… who wrote that?

  3. The Thing died, or he was just there for a visit and they couldn’t get him to leave?

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