New Alan Moore Interview

Most of the interview is just Alan Moore complaining about DC (justifiably, but it’s still boring). But there’s some good stuff, like this from the end:

Well… that was the bit where, I could get behind what he does to Evey – this is probably telling far too much about me – I could get behind that far more than I could get behind killing people. Because it seemed to me that even though, yes, he was actually torturing Evey, this was in his own mad way, an attempt to heal her. An attempt to push her to a point where she has to wake up to herself as an individual with its own will and own wants and destiny that is not just part of the carpeting of the world, but is a person, is a fully human being. And yes, he does use rather extreme methods. I suppose what I was doing was if I were to actually go-around and imprison all the people that I wanted to mentally and spiritually set free, and subject them to torture for a couple of months, I’d probably get locked up, wouldn’t I? Nobody would understand that one. Whereas, if I put it in a comic then I can to some degree take the reader vicariously through the same experiences and give them the same revelations without risking a jail sentence which is one of the delights of fiction.

Part 1 .

Part 2 .

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  1. Today the Wall Street Journal (we have free subscription at work) ran a story, something like “V is for Vapid” where the lede was “V is for Vendetta glorifies Virtue, Violence… and Terrorism.” And so I was like, “no shit” and pressed the button on the detonator. The NYSE shattered then across the continent the oil fields burnt like a thousand suns while the crack in the sky opened over DC and the things crossed the threshold. I reached over and held hand with both of them.

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