I dream of bloggers

The other night I dreamed that I was in Cleveland hanging out with Aaron and Abe (but, oddly enough, not Sauceruney) Then I was going to Kansas City, where I hoped to meet Mac and someone else but I can’t remember who (it wasn’t Wes, that would make too much sense). Then I was going to, of all places, Rapid City, SD where I planned to meet Metachor and Janus… who don’t live anywhere near there (I don’t think…).

The reason for the whole trip? I was doing location research for a murder mystery I planned to write.


  1. Aaron and Abe are in Cleveland?

  2. No, that’s what was weird about it. Mac was the only blogger who actually lived in the city they were in in my dream.

  3. Ha! 🙂 “Death in Kansas City”…

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