The ultimate battle between good and evil: High Priest of White Witches vs. Aleister Crowley’s bed

My money’s on the bed:

A HOTEL bed which belonged to devil-worshipper Aleister Crowley is to be exorcised.

The white witch who will conduct the ceremony to stop strange happenings disturbing guests says the ritual will be ‘the ultimate battle between good and evil’.

Full Story: The Daily Record: Hotelier exorcises devil-worshipper Crowley’s old bed

(thanks Brenden).


  1. Damn, the sucker’s dead and he’s STILL getting chicks in his bed. Crowley, you rule.

  2. “Now Andy, 40, has called in Kevin Carlyon, High Priest of White Witches, to conduct a ‘cleansing ceremony’.”

    John, if by chicks you mean guys. But that difference never stopped Crowley before, so the tone of your comment still holds.

  3. Ha! That’ll teach me to jump at the cheap joke before I actually read the article. I’m thankful that Crowley’s preferences have at least partially save my ass. So to speak.

  4. But as for Kevin’s ass…

  5. why should i fight if i already know what the outcome is? we all know that god will win and id rather stand on the sidelines

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