Nice review:

For one thing it’s sort of about Everything and Nothing, only Everything isn’t as far reaching as you thought and Nothing seems like a crowd. It’s also weird because the main characters aren’t really the point; often they’re annoying stereotypical, sometimes spectacularly dated – one of the ‘heroes’, King Mob, mostly looks like the planks who used to Socialist Work and then spend hundreds of $$$ on fetish wear and urban-primitive chin-spiking chic.

No, The Invisibles works because of the bits inbetween and the characters that circle the main fray; the gaps between the stories are where Grant Morrison really opens up. One segment humanises the nameless baddy hordes with a slice of life from one of the Conspiracy foot soldiers… imagine seeing a Stormtrooper coming home for tea, wifely kisses and grief over his autistic children.

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