Dream recording project

An ambitious project to build a dream imaging machine is underway:

“In a 100-year timeframe we want to understand human consciousness,” said Rubin.

Rubin and colleagues at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute — one of the world’s richest philanthropies with an endowment worth $11.3 billion — are approaching this ticklish problem backwards. They have bought a 280-acre farm in Ashburn, Virginia, and are building a new kind of research campus.

Reminds me of Until the End of the World

Full Story: Reuters: Wealthy New Lab Aims To
Capture Dreams, Literally

(via Posthuman Blues)


  1. I thought of that movie too (good one isn’t it?) – doesn’t everybody end up going nuts and just watching their dreams all day like junkies when they learn how to record dreams?

  2. Yep, the two main characters do at least. I can’t remember if anyone else tried it.

  3. How do we qualify to become guinea pigs for their horrific dream experiments?

  4. I want to become a test project for this! I was just telling some of my co-workers this morning that I always thought it would be cool to be able to record your dreams and then play them back the next day! So, I “googled” dream recording machine and this site came up! What movie is Jason talking about?

  5. i want to become tester too.
    i am really interested in recording my own dreams.

  6. I’m in as a tester, when does this all go down??

  7. I’m right there with ya Cathy. I been pondering on this subject for couple years now. From what I understand through my internet research about this, the Japanese have already made some signifigant strides in the field of dream recording. I want to get in on the ground level of this thing. I was considering ‘inventing’ my own version of it, but figured I oughta at least see if anyone else had done so already lol. Just my luck, they have!

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