People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid

It’s true:

Most of the cells in your body are not your own, nor are they even human. They are bacterial. From the invisible strands of fungi waiting to sprout between our toes, to the kilogram of bacterial matter in our guts, we are best viewed as walking “superorganisms,” highly complex conglomerations of human, fungal, bacterial and viral cells.

Wired: People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid

(via Dr Hyatt)


  1. Does this mean I should have read “The Filth” after all?

  2. Nah, you read “Lucifer Principle.” Good enough.

  3. I’m sure that there are some who would disagree.

  4. Not to say the Filth’s a bad read, but Lucifer Principle should adequately prepare you for life as a human-bacteria hybrid.

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