RU Sirius interview on Better Humans

Technoccult pal and former guest editor, Philip Shropshire, interviewed RU Sirius for Better Humans.

Self-enhancement in general is common sense. But I would say that when it’s taken into the realm of the transhumanist project it is uncommon sense. There’s an element of the grail quest in there that I wouldn’t sell short. I think it’s a sort of mythic adventure?this attempt to overcome the perceived limitations of biology, or gravity, or the brain, or what-have-you. I think it’s romantic as well as rational, and that’s a good thing. It’s logic but it’s not just logic. We know that inspiration, invention, great hacks tend to emerge. It seems that when we get the fullest possible picture of how our brains and nervous systems work at their peak, what we call logic will be a useful subset of a larger gestalt.

I’ve got to say that I don’t personally subscribe. I’m an issue-by-issue philosophic purchaser. I don’t embrace any belief systems. I’m a fuzzy believer. I might say that I 95% believe that humans will achieve a lifespan beyond the current biological limits; I 50% believe that this will work out well on a social-political level; I 95% believe that we will get really precise control over our minds and moods; I 60% believe that the future of most of humanity is pretty well fucked; I 10% believe that something very much like the singularity will actually occur; I 1% believe that it will happen in my lifetime. I could go on.

Better Humans:

(via New World Disorder)

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