DEA Approves Trial Use Of Ecstasy in Trauma Cases

Washington Post reports:

Capping a 17-year effort by a small but committed group of activists, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration has agreed to let a South Carolina physician treat 12 trauma victims with the illegal street drug ecstasy in what will be the first U.S.-approved study of the recreational drug’s therapeutic potential.

The Washington Post: DEA agrees to study of street drug ecstasy

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  1. there is also a study currently underway looking at the use of ecstacy for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder.

  2. … but won’t the reduction of seratonin after the ecstasy high is over cause a backlash of emotional upheaval in the trauma patients?

    Ecstasy does produce emotional lows on occasion.

  3. actually, the theraputic doses are so small compared to abuse amounts, that the reduction of serotonin is minimal. also, they could wean the dosage down to avoid a sudden change.

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