Web site with a huge amount of information about the Marvel mutant team Freedom Force. Including a long document detailing every appearance of the character Pyro.

Freedom Force is a long-defunct U.S. government team originally made up of Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (plus Spiral). They later acquired other members along the way to eventually form a core group of nine in their heyday—which varied depending on who was straying from the team and who, unfortunately, was dead. They were more often than not used as villains. So why do I like them? Well, admittedly I prefer a lot of villains over the various heroes, but FF was an interesting bunch of characters in their own right. When written by Chris Claremont at least, they were complex and motivated people depicted in shades of grey—while they started out as villains, they became more sympathetic during their tenure with FF and many began to lean towards heroism.