Digital Graffiti

Turns out Abe is already working on a video graffiti project with his art group Four Seven. They use a mobile digital projection system to transform “the architecture of the city into a video canvas. Graffiti is built out of pure light.” My main questions about this system is: how much does a setup like this cost? I have the feeling adequate equipment is going to be prohibitively expensive. Of course I don’t expect the video graffiti movement’s materials to be as cheap as spray paint, but it shouldn’t cost more than a couple hundred bucks.
On the bright side, projecting video on blank walls might not even qualify as “graffiti” in the legal sense of the word.
I wonder if some form of SMS or ringtone spamming/hacking might be more efficient.

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  1. WOW! same idea! contact me! we did it! Guerillia Cinema;, it works and it rock’s it ist the next step in urban street art. IAT Institute of General Theory

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