I’ve gone 500 miles, and I’ve got 500 more to go. I’m already tired.
I’ve been driving too much. I’ll probably need to go to Seattle soon.

I got a new car a couple days ago. Gillette, WY got hit by a bad hail
storm, and the Chevy place was selling 2003 Cavaliers for 4k off, plus
another 4k off for factory discount. Which made it about 8.5k, minus 15
hundred for my Taurus. Not a bad deal.

It’s holding up so far. It’s a lot smaller than the taurus, obviously
desined for shorter people. But it’s bearable. My main complaint is
that literally all the controls are in a different place. I really
liked the control layout on the taurus, very simple and clear. Truely
remarkable design. The Cavalier, not so much. I may never et used to