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  1. good that you get results
    in Newsgroups:
    people say the synthetic is far better than the natural stuff
    have you tried the Sceletium they promote at biogenesis?
    piracetam is strange, first time I took it had an effect I no longer felt

  2. I’ve ordered vasopressin through Biogenesis, and it worked very well. They were also quick and professional to deal with. Vasopressin is short acting and strong. Stimulating without jitters, euphoria, etc. Just makes you feel proper awake. Haven’t tried anything else, but I’ve got piracetam and hydergine on order.

  3. Here’s a little bit from my interview with R.U. Sirius (http://www.shift.com/content/web/387/1.html). I’m “S.”
    S: The only one of those [types of drugs] I?ve taken is vassopressin.
    RU: Yeah, vassopressin is nice.
    S: It worked for me, but every half hour I had to take a couple snorts.
    RU: It was the one that was the most like coke; I think its effect on brain chemistry was compared by Pearson and Shaw as blatantly uhhh…
    S: It was definitely, ah… addictive and expensive
    RU: I gave some of that to William Gibson once, and he really liked it.
    S: It?s funny, now the whole smart drug thing has been written off as snake oil.
    RU: Bruce Sterling used to joke about people taking things that didn?t work, but I think I convinced him that they?re stimulants.
    S: So they?re just stimulants and not long-term brain enhancers?
    RU: It?s hard to know. I was taking them regularly during the Mondo 2000 period in the early nineties, and I was definitely quick. I don?t know if I was wise, but I was just quick.

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