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Dear PTV fans,

Due to the recent tragic events of the death of Lady Jaye and canceled European tour that have befallen the PTV family, we are making a great effort to get organized and get caught up with all of the financial downfall both tragedies have caused. With this being said, the webshop at has added a slew of new items and have updated the inventory of all classic items, all of which are for sale immediately.

We are trying to liquidate our inventory of merchandise that was intended for tour, which we all know is now off. Also listed is rare, one-of-a-kind rarities from the archives of Genesis P-Orridge, things ranging from COUM Transmissions originals, Throbbing Gristle/ Industrial Records, classic PTV, to even Thee Majesty rarities.

One of our most popular tour items that has been added to the webshop is the Psychic Cross Rosary Necklace

We have a new batch of stuff we will be adding in weeks to come, but please look around the webshop for items for newly posted items with funds going to help pay for all the funeral expenses for Lady Jaye and deficit incurred by the band during the recent European deTour.

People have been inquiring as to where to make financial contributions for funeral expenses for Lady Jaye, all contribution for medical and funeral expenses can be sent via paypal to

Thanks for all your love and support.

The PTV Family

Psychic TV Shop.