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Wired Interviews Vegan Black Metal Chef

Wired did an interview with the famous Vegan Black Metal Chef. I posted his first video here:

Wired.com: Are you also in a band?

Vegan Black Metal Chef: Yes, my main project is called Forever Dawn. You can hear some old, shit recordings on the MySpace.

I would describe it as industrial symphonic black metal. I play all of the instruments in this and have a live keyboardist and bassist to play shows. I like the songs a lot, but the recordings were done when I had no idea what I was doing.

I am currently recording a new album for this project and putting together a new stage show. I also play keys in an eclectic metal band called Fields of Glass. I was not on the first album, though.

Wired.com: Do you perform in makeup and outfits similar to what you wear as Vegan Black Metal Chef?

Vegan Black Metal Chef: Yes, that is my Fields of Glass band attire.

Wired: Vegan Black Metal Chef Is Still Cooking With Hellfire

Here’s the most recent two episodes, one on quick and easy meals and the other on vegan sushi:

Alterati’s esoZone recap

paul laffoley

However, as much was taking place off the stage as on it, as people met and mingled words, energies, and god-knows-what-else in the shadows. This was an event marked most by the quality rather than quantity of participants, and the venue (Backspace and Someday Lounge), were either intentionally or merely serendipitously well matched to the intention of some hard-core hanging out. The fact that organic coffee, vegan food, and a fully stocked bar were present the entire duration of the event was, to me at least, no small bonus.

Full Story: Alterati.

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