Over the course of my life, I’ve had a doppelg?nger that communicates with me in my REM sleep. It’s tried to teach me things with the explicitly difficult task of translating them from a sort of knowledge that exists in REM sleep to the sort of knowledge we all have the pitifully deal with while in a wake state. Perfectly understandable processes in my dreams – things easy enough to understand, I know my dream-self is pondering them – become difficult-to-grasp concepts upon waking and I quickly lose my grasp of them.

In the past, my doppelg?nger has taught me a number of actions and concepts that have successfully translated into my real-world. One example was when I was in my teenage years, it taught me to tie my tie properly. I’d went to sleep without any experience and only the faintest idea of how ties worked. The next morning, I tied my tie for work that day with ease.

Unfortunately, flying using nothing more than my thoughts to cancel the effects of physics upon myself has never taken hold. My doppelg?nger has, on numerous occasions, attempted to illustrate how easy it is to rise up against gravity. I know in my dreams how it feels to flick these certain psychic switches, and am even aware of the sensations necessary to replicate the effects. However, upon waking I lose any grasp I had of the process.

While I don’t know if flying up into the air using nothing more than a few perceptual switches will ever happen in my lifetime, there is something it was trying to teach me this morning. And which I’ve promptly lost my grasp of, of course.

A model was made apparent to me this morning, of transactions of how our Western education system affects us in our youth. Patterns were distinguished unto me, allowing me to discern how they transgress from those school years to adulthood. Unfortunately, what seemed so simple in my dream this morning (simple enough, I told myself, “Ha, I won’t have any problem remembering this and I can write it down when I wake up,”), well, it’s lost to me now. Sad. I really want to explore this in some upcoming articles I am writing for the newspaper, as well as for other business pursuits I have.

Any of Klint’s great readers out there have any tools, exercises, or anything that can aid in my conceptual recall? I need a translation tool from epistemological state to the next. Any ideas?