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Judge rejects claims in “Da Vinci” suit


A judge ruled Friday that mega-selling author Dan Brown did not steal ideas for “The Da Vinci Code” from a nonfiction work, ending the suspense about the case with an ultimately unsurprising decision.

High Court judge Peter Smith rejected a copyright-infringement claim by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, authors of “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail,” who claimed that Brown’s blockbuster “appropriated the architecture” of their 1982 book. In the United States, the book is titled, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail.”

Full Story: MSNBC: Judge rejects claims in ‘Da Vinci’ suit.

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Prying in the chapel…how Rosslyn coped with Da Vinci

FOR the congregation and staff of the ancient Rosslyn Chapel it has been, by any standard, an extraordinary year. Thanks to the publishing sensation that is Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, the 15th century chapel, which sits along a rough track beside the small Midlothian village of Roslin, has become a place of literary pilgrimage. Devotees of the multi-million selling historical thriller have flocked to the chapel, which plays a relatively brief, but key part in the controversial novel.

Full Story: Scotsman.com: Prying in the chapel…how Rosslyn coped with Da Vinci.

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