Eyes Wide Shut: Genesis P Orridge on Brion Gysin

A Guardian article about Gysin by P Orridge

To me, Gysin was the source of the energy we associate with the most radical experiments of the Beats. He was the real source of the ideas; other people just applied them. That was a really important shift in my appreciation of the Beatnik phenomenon. From that moment I was hooked, fascinated and impressed by each layer of Gysin I discovered. As I peeled things away over the years, I was never disappointed. There was never an end to it. He was the only person I’ve met whom I would unquestioningly call a genius.

Guardian: Eyes wide shut

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Slate does Surrealism

Slate has a well written feature on the impact of Surrealism on modern culture and a nifty slide show.

Slate: Ceci N’est Pas Surrealism

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