Unboxing the cheeseburger in a can

cheeseburger in a can

Above: Cheeseburger in a can ad (via Gizmodo).

Below: What it actually looks like:

unboxing cheeseburger in can

More pics: Something Awful.

(via Robot Wisdom).

Hunter S. Thompson on the Honolulu Marathon

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this:

December is an ugly month for getting involved in public travel. It is a desperate season for most people, but not for me this year, because I am turning into a Body Nazi, and I feel pretty good about it. Ho ho ho. Yes sir. Nothing can hurt me for at least 30 days, and by then I will be twice as strong and crazy as I am now.

It happens every year, one way or another, and every year it gets weirder. And wilder and darker and more intense.

I should read this column more often.

via Zen Werewolf

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