Hajime Sorayama is a world renowned artist known for his photo realistic depictions of the fantastic. Sorayama makes you believe the impossible with his fascinating erotica that blends in traditional fantasy and science fiction. He frequently melds metal and flesh to make beautiful futuristic pin-up women. His work has influenced countless modern artists and has appeared hordes of publications.

Sorayama was born in 1947 in Japan the son of a carpenter. He did exceptionally well in art during high school but had little interest in pursuing the field. He went to college to study Greek, but the Greek professor had left the university he attended. His sophomore year he started a school magazine called The Pink Journal which was criticized by both teachers and students. He grew to hate the place, dropped out, and went to art school.After graduating in 1968 he initially worked as a graphic artist but eventually became a freelance artist in 1972.

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