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Antero Alli Teaching Online Eight Circuit Brain Course

Antero Alli is teaching an online course on the Eight Circuit Brain concept pioneered by Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and of course Antero himself.

The course is eight weeks long and is based on the course structure outlined in his book The Eight Circuit Brain, which is required for the online class. The online course is enhanced by daily and weekly online group forum, private feedback from Antero and additional assignments.

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An 8-Week Interactive Online Course with author, Antero Alli (Angel Tech, The Eight-Circuit Brain and Towards an Archeology of the Soul)

Eight Circuit Brain

Requirements, How This Course Works and Enrollment


1) The Eight Circuit Brain, the book, is required for this course. Angel Tech, is an optional source book.

2) 6-10 hours set aside each week for reading and work assignments.

How This Works

The 8-week course structure is already contained in the book The Eight-Circuit Brain. This course is enhanced by daily and weekly online group forum interactions, ongoing private instructor feedback via e-mail, and additional instructor assignments. There are no set meeting times for this course; everyone goes at their own pace. Though each Saturday we start the next week’s assignments, all previous assignments and forum posts remain open to read and/or to post on them. Course structure includes extra time (the final two weeks) to finish incompleted work. Click this for distilled definitions of the eight circuits as they will be addressed in this course.

This 8-week course is the result of a comprehensive study and practice of dynamic techniques for accessing the states of consciousness symbolized by the Eight-Circuit model. This course has been tested and refined over the past five years throughout six different semesters and over two-hundred students. All eight circuits are covered, their specific internal vertical supports and, initiations into and out of Chapel Perilous.

Once understood and redefined in your own terms, the circuits can act as an open-ended system for precision tracking and interpretation of living signals within yourself, the world and beyond. The 8-circuit grid can be especially useful for those seeking context and integration of hyper-consciousness triggered by psychoactive drug use and/or the outside shocks of real-life traumas. If you are motivated to take on more responsibility for your own choices, your autonomy, and your integrity then, this course may be for you.


Course Tuition: $200 (for 8 weeks)


Money orders (U.S. funds only) payable to “Vertical Pool”, and mailed to:
VERTICAL POOL, att: Antero Alli, P.O. Box 10144, Berkeley CA USA 94709.

When payment is received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent out within 48 hours. Passwords and link to the online forum will be sent out by or before March 14th. Tuition non-refundable after March 17th. Enrollment limited to 20. NOTE: As of February 19th, there are 10 spaces still available.

E-mail all inquiries to:

Here’s my Technoccult TV interview with Antero:

And here’s part of Antero’s presentation at EsoZone 2008:

The Conspiratainment Complex and Why I Don’t Find Conspiracy Theory Funny Anymore

Glenn Beck chalkboard

Justin Boland is back and updating Brainsturbator and Skilluminati again.

The signal always gets distorted, degraded…and more popular every time. Dumb is accessible, people like dumb. They like aliens, they like Satanist bad guys, and they like to buy products that signify their secret knowledge. It’s hard to exaggerate how hollowed out the Conspiratainment Complex has become in 2010. Conspiracy Theory is literally being taught to Americans on a chalkboard now. Remote Viewing has gone from a classified project to a mini-industry of competing DVD training packages. Even Tila Tequila is tracking the Illuminati’s every move these days. This is an emerging demographic and it’s going to be extremely important in the next decade. […]

Today, these competing meta-narratives are blending into a Conspiratainment mainstream, where the largest possible audience meets the lowest common denominator. Roswell is an article of faith, JFK is holy scripture, and 9/11 is the wedge issue and the litmus test. The Apollo 11 mission exists in a Schroedinger-style quantum state where it simultaneously did and did not land on the moon, although the priesthood agrees there was a cover-up, either way.

Skilluminati: The Conspiratainment Complex

A few years ago, I wrote an article about contemporary subcultures and made the case that the 9/11 Truth movement was a legitimate subculture. Although it was already being productized in the form of DVDs, books and merchandise, I didn’t think it was something that would be appropriated by the mainstream. And though 9/11 still hasn’t been appropriated by the mainstream, thanks to the likes of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party, conspiracy theory is more mainstream than ever.


This reminds me of a quote Justin posted on Facebook a while back. I can’t find the specific entry, but I think it was from a 9/11 Truther. It went something like this “Conspiracy theory has never hurt anyone, but the Obama administration has.”

Don’t think for a second I’m letting Obama and company off the hook for their targeted assassinations, Afghan war escalation, etc. But I’m calling bullshit on the “conspiracy theory never hurt anyone” line.

It would be disingenuous to say The Protocols of the Elders of Zion caused the Holocaust, but it did contribute to the antisemitism and paranoia during the first half of the 20th century that enabled WWI and the holocaust. That’s a pretty serious amount of blood on the hands of a conspiracy theory.

And to take a more recent example that didn’t lead to deaths, take a look at the Satanic Panic that resulted in the incarceration of many innocent people – including The West Memphis Three, who remain in prison to this day.

It’s these very issues that lead me to begin distancing myself from conspiracy theory after the second EsoZone. Once I’d hoped that conspiracy theory could enlightening, a way to break down rigid thinking and foster skepticism and critical thinking (as Robert Anton Wilsons’s writings on conspiracy theory had done for me). These days I’m cynical about that prospect (see here and here) of conspiracy theory opening people’s minds. Instead of breaking down “consensus reality,” conspiracy theory has been entrenching many people deeper into their own “reality tunnels.” Before I thought, at the very least, conspiracy theory could be entertaining. It just doesn’t seem funny to me any more.

Meanwhile, as Justin writes:

Conspiracy theory tends towards monolithic explanations, attributing far too much power to far too few people. Political Science assumes the existence of hundreds of co-existing and conflicting conspiracies in any group of over thousand people.

Most real, successful conspiracies are mundane and barely covert: consider the Council for National Policy, an invitation-only Evangelical Conservative influence network with a membership list so powerful it defies belief. What happens when you get Pat Robertson and John Ashcroft into the same room? Throw in Oliver North, Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed, Jesse “33°” Helms, James Dobson, and big money sponsors like Richard DeVos, Holland Coors, Richard Mellon Scaife and Nelson Baker Hunt.

Another interesting example is the Family, a Christian theocratic conspiracy, which I’ve covered quite a bit here. The Family tries to keep a low profile, but not exactly a secret. Yet, I could find only one reference to the Family on Alex Jones’s InfoWars – naturally, an article about the possibility that the Family may have helped finance 9/11. Here is a real and well-documented modern conspiracy. Where’s the outrage from conspiracy circles? (To his credit, Jones did have Jeff Sharlet on his show.) I could find no references to the Council for National Policy on InfoWars.

That, I’m afraid, is the sad state of conspiracy theory. Real conspiracies play out before our very eyes, while too many very smart people clutch at straws.

The hidden roots of the 23 Enigma

Der Geist Meines Vaters

Robert Anton Wilson credited William S. Burroughs for noticing the 23 phenomena (and also noted James Joyce was fascinated with the date April 23), but it looks like he wasn’t the first to write about it. Fortean blogger Theo Paijmans has dug up some older historical mentions of the 23 Enigma. It looks like the oldest comes from German painter, poet and writer Maximilian Dauthendey. Dauthendey wrote in his book Der Geist Meines Vaters in 1912:

My burdensome fateful number that accompanies me throughout the entire life is the number 23. Twentythree years after the death of my mother my father died, and I can be certain, that always the twentythird of the month delivers some burdening message, a twist of fate, a rare case of luck or an extraordinary case of bad luck…

Paijmans has found some other old examples as well.

Charles Fort Institute: The hidden roots of the 23 Enigma

(via Boing Boing)

New batch of Technoccult dossiers: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, and Robert Anton Wilson

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Robert Anton Wilson

Alejandro Jodorowsky

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson: The Lost Studio Session

Robert Anton Wilson: The Lost Studio Session

First recorded in Chicago in 1994, this previously unreleased audio session with the renowned Robert Anton Wilson has been stored away for fifteen years…and almost lost entirely. If Bob knew how many synchronicities surround the rediscovery and release of this “lost” studio session, he would be chuckling in that half jolly, half mischievous way of his. If you believe in any kind of afterlife, maybe you can imagine him laughing right now. I like that image: Bob the laughing Buddha, still having one over on us from the great beyond.

Available from Original Falcon

Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, and Rudy Rucker in Manual of Evasion

Manual of Evasion was a 1994 Portuguese film starring Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, and Rudy Rucker. Above are some clips from the film.

More Info: Rudy Rucker’s Blog

(via Posthuman Blues)

Technoccult TV: Antero Alli pt. 2

Technoccult TV: Antero Alli pt. 2

Antero Alli returns to talk about Christopher Hyatt’s legacy, and how he met Robert Anton Wilson.

Download from archive.org (high quality MPEG or iPod ready MP4)

Robert Anton Wilson: Unearthed Interview 1991

More here

(via Dedroidify)

Interview with Antero Alli

Nice long interview in Key 64:

MG: Both Leary and Wilson felt that the bottom circuits imprinted at acute, random moments in early childhood and adolescence, but I do not see the biological basis for such small windows of imprinting. Certainly birth is the primary C1 imprinting process and a universal human event, but I suspect it only accounts for roughly 30 to 80% of the C1 imprint depending on the individual and the circumstances of birth. It seems that C1 imprinting starts in the womb and continues well into the first several months of life. I suspect that C4 imprinting occurs over a period as long as several years and I find it hard to agree with Wilson’s assertion that the entire C4 imprint is taken on at the moment of first orgasm. How do you feel about these early childhood imprints?

AA: My experiences parallel Wilson’s and Leary’s here regarding the early childhood imprints of the first four circuits. Once imprinted, however, there are years and decades of affirmative conditioning that fortify and maintain those imprints, habits that can run throughout the rest of our lives and can run or rule the rest of our lives. Though C-1 imprinting does start with the infant dependency event with the mother, or surrogate mother, I think circuits two through four (especially C-4) can remain “un-imprinted” for years to come differing, of course, with each person and their circumstances.

As for the entire circuit four imprint occurring with the first orgasm, this sounds ridiculous to me. If only it were that simple and easy yet circuit four has proven to be anything but easy and simple. It’s not just me; look at the world, look at our human history of warfare, genocide and social tragedy. Other equally complex imprints such as religious upbringing, courtship rituals, woman and manhood rites of passage, pregnancy, and parenting also inhabit the web of fourth circuit realities.

Full Story: Key 64.

Don’t forget: Antero Alli will be doing a presentation on the 8 circuit model at Esozone: the Other Tomorrow this October in Portland. Buy your pre-sale ticket now for only $40 (prices go up Sunday night at midnight).

Hatch 23: the occult secrets of Lost

Just in time for the season premiere of Lost! Hatch 23 is an Esozone/PDX Occulture educational project seeking to uncover the occult undercurrents of the popular television series:

There’s a lot going on beneath the surface of the ABC television series Lost. Lost is sprinkled with references and allusions to the occult and esoteric secrets. Perhaps the most explicit reference is the use of the number 23. Since the release of the Jim Carrey movie,the significance of that number has become widely known.

But Lindelof and company started sprinkling the number throughout the first season, over 2 years before the movie. The number comes from Robert Anton Wilson, as Lindelof has confirmed at various times

Full Story: Hatch 23.

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