RIPPLE #28: Nat Jones

Today on RIPPLE:

Ray and the Rev interview Nat Jones about Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer and his work with Rob Zombie and Steve Niles. (Plus Ray makes a special announcement about the future of Ripple.)

Download from Ripple

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Podcast round-up

Ripple: Pat Mastelotto.

Viking Youth: The Knee Deep Slumber of the American Buffet.

Point of Inquiry: Austin Dacey – The Secular Conscience.

Podcast round-up

It’s been way too long since I’ve done this (about a month):

Viking Youth Power Hour on Scientology.

Occult of Personality: The Life and Work of Dr. Paul Foster Case. (Plus several more).

Adam Gorightly: Richard Alan Miller. (Plus several more).

Point of Inquiry: Tom Flynn – The Science vs. Religion Warfare Thesis. (Plus several more).

Ripple: Estradasphere part 1 and part 2. (Contains a Technoccult ad!)

G-Spot: Hellhounds and Lapdogs, a conversation about the recent Alterati take down that Technoccult may have helped cause (sorry guys!)

Halfcast episode 9. My personal favorite podcast.

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