ok soda can

I recently threw out my can of OK soda. I had the Charles Burns one pictured above. I got it at the Olympia Comics Festival in 2002, when Burns spoke. He had a whole box he was giving away. I’ve moved the can to seven different homes over the past 5 years, each time thinking it seemed a bit silly to save a can an opened can of soda. But I was reluctant to throw it out. It sprung a leak eventually, and after letting slowly it drain in the sink for a few day I decided it was finally time to part with it. I’m still wondering if it was the right decision. Oh well.

For those that don’t know:

ok soda cans the original 4

OK Soda was a soft drink created by The Coca-Cola Company in 1994 that aggressively courted the Generation X demographic with unusual advertising tactics, including endorsements and even outright negative publicity. It did not sell well in select test markets and was officially declared out of production in 1995 before reaching nation-wide distribution. The drink’s slogan was “Things are going to be OK.”

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