?Pornography’ at its root it nothing but two people having sex, which also happens to be very act that gave all humans their very existence. Recorded. On film. To say that there is anything wrong with this is to damn the very essence of human life. Do we damn the birth? Do we damn the childhood? So why would we damn the act of conception? Because some thousand year old myths used to divide us over the have ages have told us to? To damn porn, the natural essence of porn, is to damn humankind. For being too dirty and disgusting to know how to get to earth any other way than without the use of a sticky substance. Or, Eris forbid, nudity. The promulgation of pictures of people having sex can be looked at as a new honesty mankind is gaining with itself. This is how I got here. This feels good. I like looking at other people feel good. Etc. In America, the photographic representation of porn and its recent history are tied in with a modern resistance to the religious puritanism this country was founded on. Porn = anti-puritan. If Wolf and Dworkin are so alarmed at the dangers of the anti-puritan, are they also ringing alarm bells at the dangers of the puritan?

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