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From the blog’s description:

The objective of this blog its to post music related with Ritual music, in traditional ethnic way or on Modern side, Ambient, Tribal, Drone, Field Recordings, Dungeon Synth etc. with a strong inspier in NATURE and is cycles.

There will be a predominance of Ritual Ambient music, a sub-genre of dark ambient.

Ritualistic Nature

Awesome Free Witchstep Album From Bruxa

My favorite album of the year thus far is Portland trio Bruxa‘s new album Victimeyez. It’s an occult informed dark hip hop album, with tastes of electro, chopped and screwed, witch-house and dubstep thrown in. They call it witchstep.

The digital version Victimeyez is free to download and was released by Mishka, a streetwear company in New York City that also puts out some Pyschic TV merch. A cassette release will follow from Sweating Tapes, the label that released their debut EP Eye On Everybody last year.

They’re from Portland, but I have no idea who they are. I randomly stumbled across their first EP on Bandcamp and was hooked — it was my second favorite album of 2011 (after Zomby’s Dedication). Discovering Sweating Tapes set me down a rabbit hole of Portland-based dark electronic scene that I had no idea existed.

Galang Galang Galang

Futurism Ain’t Shit interviews M.I.A

M.I.A.’s “Galang” video

Official M.I.A. site (used to have mp3s, currently under construction)

Immortal Technique: Bin Laden

I’ve only recently learned about Immortal Technique, but people are calling him the new Rakim or the new Chuck D. I don’t know about all that, but he’s amazing. And this song with DJ Green Lantern is the most intense anti-Bush songs yet.

You can listen to it at YouTube

Official site

Mc 900 Ft. Jesus: While the City Sleeps

I was just thinkin’ MC Frontalot reminded me a little of MC 900 Ft. Jesus. Oddly enough, Scenestars has “While the City Sleeps” and “The Killer Inside Me” online right now.

Update: The link above is dead now, but you can still find a bunch of MC 900 Ft. Jesus on YouTube:

The City Sleeps

The Killer Inside Me

Bonus: Truth is Out of Style and Adventures in Failure.

MC Frontalot: indier than thou

Check out this great nerdcore rapper. I really like the song “Crime Spree.”

MC Frontalot mp3s.

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