Wes: In looking over Aleph9.comaleph9.png and listening to the music you’ve released, I can’t help but ponder how people have gotten to the point where they’re working with digitized samples to deconstruct meaning, and then rebuilding it all over again. I don’t know that this is specifically a magical process, but it does seem to inform the basis of a lot of people’s magical systems nowadays.

Ikipr: Well it is kind of a magical act in and of itself. It kind of reaches out into that non-linear time interface there, and your digital recordings are like quantum interfaces into what they’re recordings of… it’s also kind of kinetic in a way, there’s a momentum to that evolution. You know, we’re the intelligence in that feedback system, analyzing the inputs, using whatever tools, but we’re still the only utterly free-willed sentience doing that particular aspect of the process there.

Interview Part 1.

Interview Part 2.