These past few days I’ve been trying to get through “Beyond Belief:Enlightenment 2.0″(it’s 3 days worth of talks, so you have to find time for it). I found this study being done by John Haidt, one of the speakers, on the Gene Expression blog. I found some of my results rather surprising, in that it wasn’t what I expected. Thought I’d post it for those interested.

“Watching ‘Beyond Belief 2’ I was interested in Jonathan Haidt’s contention that liberals and conservatives exhibit alternative valences on five different “Moral Foundations.” In short, liberals tend to emphasize “Harm” and “Fairness,” and manifest little interest in the values of “Loyalty,” “Authority” and “Purity.” In contrast, conservatives tended to have a more balanced weighting of values across all five dimensions, as well as deemphasizing the first two components in relation to liberals. My own immediate thought was, “Where do I fit in?” I assumed I would be closer to liberals here because on social issues I tend to align with that camp. So I took the Moral Foundations Questionnaire…”

(via Gene Expression)

(Moral Foundations Questionnaire)