Baby’s bizarre ‘bite’ of passage with cobra

A one-year-old is forced to fight a neutered cobra during a shocking snake-charming rite of passage in India.

The baby tries to protect itslef while being repeatedly hit by the animal, which has also had its mouth stitched up and its fangs removed.

This bizarre spectator sport – reportedly from Kasimkota in Andhra Pradesh – has been condemned by animal rights protesters after footage appeared on the internet.

They’ve warned that a cobra’s fangs grow back quickly, putting the youngsters in mortal danger.

Several snake charmers die each year while handling the animals.

From: Daily Mail.

Another video.

(Thanks Jess!)

The intellectual elite … my ass

On Google’s social networking service, Orkut, Indians are organizing themselves by caste. (Thanks to DesiPundit for the tip.) There are hundreds, maybe thousands of groups devoted to every caste, subcaste and sub-sub-caste that exists in India’s phenomenally splintered and complex caste system. If, like a typical liberal, you are made uncomfortable by the implicit inequities of caste divisions, then scrolling through the Orkut groups can be a discouraging experience.

Full Story: Salon.

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