Brad Neely’s China, IL to Debut Oct 2 on Adult Swim

China, IL

Adult Swim is running a first look of Brad Neely‘s China, IL featuring both Baby Cakes and the Professor Brothers. It’s strange to see the characters with pupils.

It’s scheduled to debut at midnight, Sunday October 2, but I’m not sure if that means Saturday night/Sunday morning or Sunday night/Monday morning.

Adult Swim: China, IL (Warning: video starts automatically)

Here’s one of my favorite Professor Brothers segments by Neely:

Video: Vegan Black Metal Chef

(Thanks Ian!)

Hipster Animals

Not my usual beat, but I like these:

Full Time Etsy Crafter

Freelance party photographer

Hipster Animals

(Via my wife, who recently wrote this great rant on “Why Regretsy Matters”)

The First Post-Bush Get Your War On Strip

Get Your War On

NY Magazine is running an all-new Get Your War On, the title’s first post-Bush strip.

NY Magazine: Get Your War On

(via Cat Vincent)

Get Your War on Returns

get your war on

NY Magazine is running an all-new Get Your War On, the title’s first post-Bush strip.

NY Magazine: Get Your War On

(via Cat Vincent)

Alan Moore Message Projected Into Space

Alan Moore

Alan Moore’s message for the beings of space:

Yeah, Hello? Uh, if you’re there pick up, okay listen it’s Alan calling, Alan from Earth. You probably don’t remember, it’s over in the western spiral of the Milky Way although obviously you might have named it after a completely different brand of chocolate. Basically just find the Oort Cloud and ask for directions from there. Anyway just calling to catch up. We’re doing alright with the carbon base lifeform thing. Kids are diversifying nicely, going through a bit of a fad for spines and brains at the minute but it’s probably the same where you are. Well, that’s about it really, we just hadn’t heard from you in a while, like when we killed Michael Rennee or Klaatu a you knew him in The Day The Earth Stood Still. So if you received this, get in touch, but actually thinking about it, don’t bother calling after about, what, 2150, because I’m not expecting anyone to be in. Oh and I’m sending this song along it’s called God Song by Robert Wyatt. I hope you like it. And that you don’t communicate through perfume or minor variatrions in your sense of balance or something. Okay, you take care and I’ll talk to you soon. Love you, Bye.

Explanation (sort of) at Bleeding Cool

Amazing Fake Polish Movie Posters

Polish Star Trek poster

Polish Crank

Something Awful had a Polish movie poster contest – every entry they presented is amazing.

(via Boing Boing)

If you want to get a look at the real thing:

Polish Poster Shop

Pigasus Polish Poster Gallery

A Grey Space Poster Gallery

Makes me want to move to Poland!

Hard N Phirm – Pi

I was going to post this last week as part of my post on Pi, but I forgot. So here it is now.

The Onion: Obama’s Weekly Video Addresses Becoming Increasingly Avant-Garde

Obamas's dead dog

Obama’s early pieces primarily played with structure: Our Long-Term Strategy In Afghanistan employs Brion Gysin’s cut-up technique to reorder the words in a major speech on foreign policy, eventually creating a shocking sound collage that, according to the White House, reveals “a truth previously buried beneath layers of intent.” […]

Nonetheless, a number of critics have embraced Obama’s edgier productions. Artforum magazine referred to Obama’s oeuvre as “a winking indictment of the institution of the presidency from none other than the president himself,” and cited in particular his wildlife conservation video Meat Play as “the direction the office needs to go in if the executive branch is to remain relevant.”

The Onion: Obama’s Weekly Video Addresses Becoming Increasingly Avant-Garde

(Thanks Jillian!)

Comic: the plot of LOST in a nutshell

LOST comic

There’s much more at the link – there are spoilers if you’re not completely caught up.

Stuff and Nonsense: Ben Tells it Like it Is

(via Cat Vincent)

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