Mark Niemoeller’s business, JLF Poisonous Non-consumables, sells legal plants and chemicals. But in September, after someone allegedly died after consuming one of his products, almost all of his stock was seized and he was charged with selling illegal substances. Many of the products that JLF sells are legal psychoactives and some of them are analogues of federally scheduled drugs. But the Federal Analogue Act states that the analogue law does not apply to “any substance to the extent not intended for human consumption before such an exemption takes effect with respect to that substance.” Some of the chemicals, such as DXM (the main ingredient in cough syrup), clearly don’t fall under the federal analogue act. In addition to most of Niemoeller’s stock the DEA seized his computers, his truck, and froze his $750,000 bank account so that he can’t even pay his lawyer.

Alternet: The Strange Case of Mark Niemoeller