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A Web Comic About Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak As Young Hippies





Patrick Farley, the artist behind the pioneering web comic E-Sheep, has a series that started today. Steve and Steve follows the adventures of Apple Computer founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as young, acid tripping hippies in the 70s. The ending of the prologue makes me think this may be an alternate history comic. It also displays the fascination with early hominids found in Farley’s last comic the First Word.

New Electric Sheep Comic: First Word

First Word

Patrick Farley’s Electric Sheep is back with a new comic First Word, a psychedelic meditation on the origin of language.

WARNING: NSFW and contains strobing imagery.

Here’s a favorite old one: The Guy I Almost Was.

New e-Sheep Comic: “Sequel” to “The Guy I Almost Was”

Barracuda: The Scotty Zaccharine Story

Online comic hero Patrick Farley is at it again, with another semi-autobiographical tale to follow up “the Guy I Almost Was.”

E-Sheep: Barracuda: The Scotty Zaccharine Story

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