DJ Spooky talks about remixing Birth of a Nation, and more

That Subliminal Kid says:

Basically the whole vibe of the film is to think about why America still has the kind of amnesia that would let a an election like the last two happen. “Birth of a Nation” is the first film to show a corrupt American election. Plus, its got the added bonus of being crazy racist. Combine the two, and it makes for a sad reflection of contemporary America. Dj-ing breaks these things down, and that’s what I do to the film. Kind of highlight the fact that there’s multiple situations going on. That’s why I’m “Dj-ing the film.”

Link (via Disinfo).

Hope the dude comes to Denver soon…

Popularity of hobbies by geographic location

An interesting thing about Meetup, a web site for organizing local interest groups, is that it ranks cities by number of people signed up for certain meets.

  • Burning Man City: Seattle
  • Body Modifcation City: Toronto, ON (# 2 is Tel Aviv)
  • Discordian City: Seattle
  • Magickal City: Charlotte, NC
  • Smart mob City: Denver
  • Coffee City: Chicago (Seattle was only # 6)
  • Comics City: New York
  • Dumpster Diving City: New York
  • Straight Edge City: Providence, RI
  • Pagan Parenting City: St. Louis, MO
  • Amiga City: Tel Aviv
  • Newly Single City: Toronto, ON
  • X-Men City: London (with a whopping 2 members)
  • Japanese Pop City: Houston
  • EFF City: Austin
  • Nanotech City: Minneapolis

    What’s big, city by city?

  • Tel Aviv: Pagan
  • Rio: Linux
  • Moscow: Britney Spears
  • Perth: Goth
  • Madrid: Russell Crowe
  • Cairo: Knitting
  • Stockholm: Body Modification
  • Prague: Vampire (not the game apparently…)
  • New Delhi: Sex and the City
  • Islamabad, Pakistan: Gilmore Girls
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