From R.U.’s blog:

The dark age forces continue their triumphant march, or their spirited crawl, or whatever. It is interesting and peculiar how anti-evolutionary religious reactionary are using the concept of ?Intelligent Design? to force their anti-scientific, 15th Century agenda on American children. Darwinian evolution, of course, is the broadly scientifically validated fact (certainly details are arguable) and ?Intelligent Design? is a belief or theory. If there is intelligent design, Darwinian evolution is a manifestation of it.

I happen to be transcribing an interview I did recently for NeoFiles with Howard Bloom about his book ?Global Brain”. Bloom?s book makes a convincing argument that all of life is a single intelligent system (Intelligent? not random) that operates according to a particular set of rules. It has been iterating and gaining complexity since the big bang. Intuitively, this seems almost obvious to me.

There obviously is a Third Way (there are an infinite number of ways) besided Darwinian chance and creationist nonsense. We should maybe try to keep the religious reactionaries from monopolizing the idea of ?intelligent design.?

Glad to see someone else thinking along these lines. Everything is true.

Over at his place, William Gibson recalls the *real* reason that conservatives reject evolution.