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If you liked these Japanese anatomical scrolls then check out this blog, dedicated to nothing but morbid anatomy.

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Anatomical illustrations from Japanese scrolls circa 1819

The Kaibo Zonshinzu anatomy scrolls, painted in 1819 by Kyoto-area physician Yasukazu Minagaki (1784-1825), consist of beautifully realistic, if not gruesome, depictions of scientific human dissection.

Unlike European anatomical drawings of the time, which tended to depict the corpse as a living thing devoid of pain (and often in some sort of Greek pose), these realistic illustrations show blood and other fluids leaking from subjects with ghastly facial expressions.

Full Story and More Illustrations: Pink Tentacle

Anatomical Theatre

Anatomical Theatre: Depictions of the Body, Disease, and Death in Medical Museums of the Western World. Head on over, then click on Gallery. Probably NSFW. Thanks, Kara! x

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