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Dossiers: Philip K. Dick, Alex Grey, Hunter S. Thompson

Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick

Alex Grey

Alex Grey

Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson

Alex and Allyson Grey healing after car accident

Greys car

Alex and Allyson Grey are recovering after a serious car accident:

Nothing like a brush with death to help you appreciate life. On March 7th, around 1 pm, our lives changed dramatically. A beautiful clear day, we were returning to New York after celebrating Allyson’s father’s birthday in New Hampshire. Driving down freeway I-91 in Vermont, going around 65 mph, a very large dark gray SUV was alongside us on the left. Suddenly the SUV pulled into us, forcing us off the road onto the very rough shoulder of the road, our tire blew out, and we started swerving wildly back across the highway, into a shallow ravine, going so fast we drove directly up two trees and stopping abruptly against a granite outcropping, our car facing heavenward. “Oh God, Oh God!” we cried. “My back!” we echoed. “The cars on fire we’ve got to get out!” The doors were up too high off the ground to get out so we had to unbuckle and fall back into the back seat and jump from there to the ground. We hobbled to the side of the road. By this time some cars were stopping to help, but not the SUV. Some very kind strangers were consoling us and calling 911. State troopers and emergency vehicles arrived . Our car was totaled.

CoSM Blog: Grateful to be Alive!

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Second Attention: Lectures on Consciousness Expansion

Audio of lectures by the likes of Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and Alex Grey. Plus a couple of videos.

Second Attention Media Archive

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Alex Grey paints Dr. Albert Hofmann

albert hoffman portrait by alex grey

Snagged from LVX23.

For more on Alex Grey check out our dossier on him

Mavricks of the Mind interviews

Collection of interviews with Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, John Lily, Alex Grey and many more.

Mavericks of the Mind

(via LVX23).

Also of note: New York Times article on Alexander Shulgin.

The Art of Alex Grey

Renowned psychedelic artist Alex Grey, known his cover art on the latest Tool album and Rick Strassman’s DMT: the Spirit Molecule amongst others works, has a website with an excellent gallery.


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