MonthJuly 2004

What I learned at MIT

An MIT graduated scanned all his notes from his four years of school and posted them online.

What I learned at MIT

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Update: This is probably a bit less interesting now that MIT’s Open Courseware exists.

3D Body Art Round-up

magnetic implant

Bev Tang’s done a nice round-up of body implant art links.

Bev Tang 3D Magnetic Implant

Crowely article in The Guardian

Pretty impressive article about the influence of Crowely “from yoga to punk.”

Full Story: The Guardian: Beyond belief

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Exhibit With Human Bodies Debuts in L.A.

body worlds

Gunther von Hagens’s Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies makes its US debut.

Full Story: AP: Human body exposed in new exhibit

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Previously: Macabre Artist Underfire for Insensitivity

Alan Moore’s Response to KAOS 14

To be honest, I don’t have much clue about most of what he’s talking about in this letter since I haven’t read KAOS 14 (found elsewhere on the site). But this part is funny:

When I told you that I definitely remembered seeing a copy of an earlier, more sexually provocative book in the series called Harry Potter and the Choronzon Working, it turns out this was only in a dream. Sorry.

Joel Biroco: Alan Moore’s response to KAOS 14

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Paranormal beliefs linked to brain chemistry

New Scientist reports:

People with high levels of dopamine are more likely to find significance in coincidences, and pick out meaning and patterns where there are none.

But they’re also more likely to perceive patterns that other people miss.

New Scientist: Paranormal beliefs linked to brain chemistry

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Brain haemorrhage turned an ex-convict into an obsessive artist

Nature reports:

McHugh was suffering from a cerebral haemorrhage – an event that hospitalized him, altered his personality and, he says confidently, was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Full Story: Nature: Neuroscience: Change of mind

McHugh’s website

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Sex patents

Fleshbot lifts the skirt of the secret world of sex patents.

Full Story: Fleshbot: Sex Patents

Corporate Branding In The New Age

Lecture on “humanism” in the of future marketing and advertising.

Very interesting read. Reminds me of the Savage Girl by Alex Shakar, which I strongly recommend. Especially to anyone interested in marketing and its role in society.

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$200 digital film

I’ve been meaning to post something about Tarnation for a while now. I don’t really have much to say, and perhaps now everyone’s heard about it. I just find the idea intriguing. I look forward to see how he pulls it off. The idea sort of reminds me of Sans Soleil. With everyone walking around with cheap digital cameras and with windows movie maker on every computer, what does the future hold?

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