MonthNovember 2002

Implantable Chip for Sale

I think every blogger out there has already posted this, but it bears repeating.

The VeriChip emits a 125-kilohertz radio frequency signal that transmits its unique ID number to a scanner. The number then accesses a computer database containing the client’s file. Customers fill out a form detailing the information they want linked to their chip when they undergo the procedure, Cossolotto said.

Wired: Implantable Chip, On Sale Now

Mocking a Guy with a Hitler Mustache

The ever clever Flak Magazine comments on Hitler mustaches. One way not to look like a Nazi:

Not shave regularly, but let your hair grow into any one of the hundreds of different facial hairstyles that aren’t evil rectangles of Nazism that perch on your upper lip like a little black cockroach of moral putrescence.


Ted Nugent May Run for Governor

“Outspoken rocker and outdoor enthusiast Ted Nugent said Wednesday he will run for Michigan governor in 2006 if Democrat Jennifer Granholm is elected next month.”


(via American Samizdat)

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