WTF? Canada: Envy of the world cuz of our Christian foundation?

Okay, this is a post for all the Canadians out there. Americans have their own problems.

Apparently the Calgary Sun is okay with flagrantly propagating un-researched Christian gobbledygook. Licia Corbella (email: licia.corbella@calgarysun.com) has this to say about how much the world apparently just adores us. Please, my Canadian friends, take the time to write her with some corrections. And then write a Letter to the Editor. Please. I am.

And after, go cleanse your brain with Joe Rogan or something.

Last year as my family and I toured the federal Parliament buildings we took note of the numerous Bible verses and Christian symbols literally carved right into the rock or wood walls.

My husband facetiously said: “I’m surprised some nitwit hasn’t demanded it all be sandblasted away.”

Luckily, however, our magnificent Parliament buildings are declared National Heritage buildings and can be restored, but not altered. Hallelujah!

Parliament was originally built at a time when the very ideological foundation to our entire way of life in Canada was established, reflecting beautifully the very bedrock of what makes Canada such a great country for its citizens and such a beacon to so many others from far away lands.

Before we visited Ottawa we spent some time in Quebec where a debate had been started by “some nitwit” (OK, it was then Parti Quebecois leader Andre Boisclair) who pushed to have the cross hanging over the Speaker’s throne in Quebec’s National Assembly since 1936, removed so it wouldn’t “upset” minorities. Like Boisclair’s political career, that idea thankfully went nowhere.

Earlier this month, Ed Feuer, a copy editor with the Winnipeg Sun, wrote a Point of View editorial calling on the French version of O Canada to be changed because it refers to the Christian cross.

“It is curious because we want to see ourselves as a welcoming country for new immigrants, many of whom now come from non-Christian majority countries. Doesn’t “Il sait porter la croix” indicate that anyone who isn’t a Christian is marginalized in this supposedly multicultural country?” he wrote.


Supposedly multicultural? We ARE multicultural. We don’t just WANT to see ourselves as welcoming, we ARE welcoming. We’re not perfect, to be sure, but we’re likely the best in the world. So, why is that the case?

Back in July 2002, Pope John Paul II made mention of the French version of O Canada in his first speech upon arriving in Toronto for World Youth Day. This is what the then 82-year-old pontiff said:

“In the French version of your national anthem, O Canada, you sing; ‘Car ton bras sait porter l’epee, il sait porter la croix …”

The full version of the French anthem is translated as such: “O Canada! Land of our forefathers/ Thy brow is wreathed with a glorious garland of flowers./ As in thy arm ready to wield the sword,/ So also is it ready to carry the cross./Thy history is an epic of the most brilliant exploits.


Will protect our homes and our rights….”

So what does it all mean? Pope John Paul II interpreted it this way.

“Canadians are heirs to an extraordinarily rich humanism, enriched even more by the blend of many different cultural elements,” said the pontiff in his shaky voice.


“But the core of your heritage is the spiritual and transcendent vision of life based on Christian revelation which gave vital impetus to your development as a free, democratic and caring society, recognized throughout the world as a champion of human rights and human dignity.”


Canada was founded as a free and democratic country, not because it was blessed with large stands of trees, fossil fuels and clear running water — after all, so was much of Africa. It is the envy of the world not because of our weather (heaven forbid!).

Canada is a place that millions — if not billions — of people in the world often risk everything to move to because it is free, and it is free because of its foundation and — like it or not — that foundation is the Judeo-Christian ethic.

Look around the world. Make a list of all the countries people want to immigrate to. What is the one common denominator of those countries? It is not culture, language, climate, or riches. There is only one. It is Christianity.

The former Pope and the francophone anthem is right.

This country’s valour is steeped in faith — the Christian faith. It protects our homes and our rights.

If we continue to chip away at this foundation by denying our history and heritage then we risk losing our freedoms.

Minutemen To Patrol US-Canadian Border

Check this out:

They are coming with night-vision goggles, cellphones and possibly guns. They plan to unfold their lawn chairs within spitting distance of the Canada-U.S. border on Oct. 1.

What are they trying to do? Keep Americans from escaping to Canada? Or since Bubba’s job has been outsourced to China and he can’t afford cable anymore he’s going to spend his free time kicking back in a lawn chair watching the border for Fox News phantasms of Terror Masters creeping through the Canadian forests? Or is it just some excuse to get in a little varmint hunting? (and man, if they ever do anything to hurt bigfoot . . .)

Article here.

Ahh, The Draft. Good times.

I guess I’ll see you dodgers up here in Canada.

The Selective Service System wants to hear from men and women in the community who might be willing to serve as members of a local draft board.

Patch.com: Selective Service System – Local Board – 2 Positions Open

Skinny Puppy reunite for festival

After five years Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key, the founders of the band Skinny Puppy, will reunite for a one time show at this year’s Doomsday Festival in Germany.

The festival, to be held August 19 and 20 in Dresden, will feature a number of electronic and gothic bands from around the world.

Ogre and Key met in Canada in 1983. The two had similar interests in film and music and decided to start a band to explore these interests. Mixing performance art with live music, Skinny Puppy’s concerts were a walk through the darkside. Ogre frequently mutilated himself on stage while images were projected on screens. In the mid 80s Dwayne Goettle joined the group to play synthesizers and Ogre met Ministry’s Al Jourgensen. After personality differences caused a schizm between Ogre and Key and Goettle the group split. Key and Goettle worked on various side projects including Hilt while Ogre toured with Jourgenson’s Ministry and Revolting Cocks.

The group eventually got back together to do more recording, but drug addiction and further personality conflicts led Ogre to tour with Pigface and to contribute very little to the Puppy album Last Rites. After being diagnoses with Hepititus and kickign cocaine Ogre rejoined the group full time to create their last album, the Process. However, Goettle’s drug problems and the persistant plague of interpersonal conflicts led to the bands final demise. After the band had officially split, Goettle died of a heroin overdose. The Process was stiched together by producers Martin Atkins (of Pigface) and long time Puppy collaborator (and nin mixer) Rave.

Ogre began a new project called WELT with Mark Walk, but the album has yet to see the light of day (rumor has it that it will be released under the name “Ohgrr”). He then went on to create a project called Rx with Atkins and to record and tour with KMFDM. Key continued working on many of the side projects he’d been working on before including Download and Tear Garden and also founded the label Subconscious Communications.

Every year the organizers of the Doomsday festival have asked Orge and Key to do a reunion show. Finally this year Key and Ogre agreed.

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