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Reality Studio recently investigated the long running rumor that Burroughs told off late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis at a concert. Their dossier is here. The most relevant bit, I think, is buried pretty far down. It’s an interview with Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard Kirk, who also played at the same event:

Legend has it that Burroughs uncharacteristically told Ian Curtis to fuck off at the Plan K gig.
I very much doubt wether William told Ian Curtis to fuck off. I approached Mr Burroughs at the Plan K event, and mentioned I was a friend of Genesis P Orridge from Throbbing Gristle, who of course was known to William — he didn’t know me or had heard of my band Cabaret Voltaire, but was very friendly and a very polite old gentleman. I even gave him a Cabaret Voltaire badge, which he pocketed. This was the first of several occasions that I met Mr Burroughs.
Do you have any recollections of Burroughs or Curtis at the gig?
I already knew Ian quite well by the time of the Plan K event. Joy Division had played with Cabaret Voltaire at the Factory Club in Manchester, the Revolution Club in York, in 1978, and at the Futurama Festival in Leeds in 1979, and we were quite excited by the fact that Burroughs was going to be reading at the event.
My one enduring memory from Plan K was of sitting around a table with Ian, William and other band members of Joy Divison and Cabaret Voltaire. Ian asked William what he thought of Suicide (the band), William thought he meant the act of suicide, and I think said he disapproved. William was disturbed by the popping of champagne corks at the party, which he mistook for gunshots!