William Gibson
William Gibson is an author best known for Neuromancer. He coined the term “cyberspace” and is credited along with authors like John Shirley and Bruce Sterling for kicking off the cyberpunk movement. Gibson is most famous for his science fiction, but his most recent novels have been contemporary fiction.

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No Maps for These Territories “Mark Neale directs this prolonged conversation with William Gibson (famed science-fiction novelist and creator of the term “cyberspace”) from the back of Gibson’s limousine as they take a cross-country odyssey over nameless highways going no place in particular.”

Fiction by Gibson

Complete text of William Gibson’s “The Gernsback Continuum”
William Gibson Stories in OMNI Available For Download

Articles and essays by Gibson

Seeing the Future in Science Fiction by Gibson for The New Yorker.
Excerpt from Gibson’ essay “Life in the Meta City” from Scientific American
Blog entry on “future fatigue” May 2010.
Gibson on Japan, London and Vancouver, from the Guardian in 2001.
Gibson calls for an eBay alternative for obscure used items
God’s Little Toys Gibson on cut-up culture. July 2005.
Essay by Gibson about his obsession with eBay. January 1999.
Gibson on the joys of the web, circa 1996.
Disneyland with the death penalty Gibson on Singapore. 1993.


William Gibson on MONDO 2000 and 90s Cyberculture
Salon Interview with Gibson on Distrust That Particular Flavor January 2012. Says his next novel will probably be set in the future.
Gibson interview on Zero History from September 2011. Discusses his current interests, including “the ‘gray man’ concept in personal security” and what he carries with him every day.
Scientific American interview with Gibson on the relationship between cities and fiction. (See also this excerpt from Scientific Amreican by Gibson on this topic)
The Paris Review interview with Gibson on Zero History June 2011. Discusses how he came up with the idea of cyberspace.
Video interview with Gibson with Richard Metzger on Zero History September, 2010.
My notes from a Q&A session with Gibson after a Zero History reading in Portland, OR.
Interview in Vice on Zero History September 2010.
Excellent Gibson interview on Spook Country io9, June 2008.
Q&A with Gibson and readers at Barnes and Noble web site June 2008
Rolling Stone interview with Gibson 2007
Wes Unruh’s interview with William Gibson 2003
Cory Doctorow interviews William Gibson 1999

Above: Gibson on being a hippie, from Yorkville: Hippie Haven. Full documentary here.
A collection of Gibson interviews

On Gibson

young william gibson
Rudy Rucker reflects on the early days of cyberpunk
A short essay on Gibson’s concept of future fatigue as it relates to the search for a new aesthetic of the future.
Network Realism: William Gibson and new forms of Fiction
Kathy Acker on William Gibson from 21C


Cyberpunk documentary from 1993
William Gibson Narrates Trailer for His Novel Zero History
Announcement of Neuromancer performance piece starring Sasha Grey as Molly
A promotion video spot for William Gibson’s book Neuromancer, with commentary by William Gibson and Timothy Leary from the early 90s

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