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Peter Lamborn Wilson, better known as Hakim Bey, is a writer best known for his book The Temporary Autonomous Zone. He has written on many subjects, most notably anarchy and Islam.
He is an admitted and unrepentant paedophile, but has not been accused of or imprisoned for acting on his inclinations.

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Unofficial Sites

Wikipedia entry on Hakim Bey

Writings by Hakim Bey

Large collection of writings by Hakim Bey
The Temporary Autonomous Zone
Immediatism / The Radio Sermonettes
Black Thorn Manifesto
Endarkment Manifesto and Green Hermeticism
Jihad Revisited
Against Legalization
Terminal Terrorism
The Akaschic Record of the Astral Convention – AAAZ – 1987
The Best of OVO Contains early writings by Hakim Bey.


Interview from 2010, talks about his travels, neo-luddism and more.
Video interview with Hakim Bey May 2009
Video interview 2007
Interview on Islam from 2005
Genesis P-Orridge, Hakim Bey and John Perry Barlow in Conversation (1993)
Temporary Autonomous Zone live show archive includes interview with Bey from 1993


Notes from Peter Lamborn Wilson (Hakim Bey)’s talk on money Dec 16 2008. Info on lecture: here.
Ballardian considers the role of Bey in cyberpunk

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