Brian Butler

Music was his first expressive medium, and Butler’s psychedelic and experimental derivations of metal have been influential in the worlds of art and music. He dapples in the intangible with an ease and playfulness. Brian is currently in a band named Technicolor Skull with the legendary filmmaker and occultist Kenneth Anger. But eventually the combination of film and music would take over to provide a more concrete reality to showcase his vision, with unforeseen results.

On the rumors of his mischievous doings, “At first it was it was fun to take credit for that stuff but there are people out there with a complete lack of understanding of what the occult means and that can be dangerous thing.” When asked about stories of hypnotic powers and ritual orgies in luxury hotels across the globe, Butler quickly brings the conversation back to what’s most important to him, the work. The free association his films employ can have a dreamlike and ethereal aesthetic conducive to these intangible correlations. But is that not the real power in this town or any other, to be responsible for your own work and your own legacy?

Huffington Post: The Wickedest Man in LA

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