Top 10 Most Intelligent Horror Films

Looking for an intelligent horror film to watch this Halloween? Check out this Pizza SEO post from a few months ago:

1. The Devil’s Backbone
2. Cube
3. Intacto
4. The Descent
5. The Abandoned
6. Butcher Boy
7. Jacob’s Ladder
8. The Cell
9. Silent Hill
10. Dead Ringers

Pizza SEO: Intelligent Visionary Horror Movies

More films are discussed in the comments.

I love Dead Ringers, and most of Cronenberg’s output – especially Videodrome, which totally holds up. I liked Intacto, but wouldn’t really call it a horror film. I didn’t care for the Cell or Cube. I haven’t seen the others.


  1. Silent Hill? The game, maybe. The film was fine but had no interesting characters.

    Interesting list. I’d have put Videodrome on there for sure.

  2. I’m horrified to discover I’ve not watched a single one of these. Right. Time to hit the video store.

  3. Thanks for the relay!

    Silent Hill was either a total abortion or a beautiful experiment, there’s no in between. It was an almost literal ‘video game movie’ in how flat the narrative and emotional content was…but the visuals…really exceptional.

    I stumbled across this because I was looking for my old Pizza SEO post…working on an updated/expanded version of this for Brainsturbator.

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