1. Great new layout, though I hope that this place will not be abandoning the “Technoccult” name.. it is so perfect.. anyways, these images are really fucked up.

  2. Japan has some crazy scary stuff like their ghost or horror stories and movies. BUT the same country produces Hello Kitty! Now that’s really scary!

  3. that stuff is so cool i wish i would have found one

  4. this is creepy stuff but cool

  5. my cousins like mummies stuff their room are full of mummies stuff creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow, creepy…

  7. Sheesh that mermaid has problems. i thougt mermaids were supposed to be preety right??????

  8. there soo addorible!!!:) lol anyway im a 6th grader and i have to do a mummy project in social studies. it`s worth 500 pts. can anybody help me?? reply back if there is any websites!!! thanksss!!!!!!:)

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