Documentary- "Off The Grid: Life On The Mesa"

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The current economic crisis has some people showing an an interest in survivalism, frugal lifestyles, etc. This fascinating documentary focuses on one particular group of people who live according to their own rules.

“Twenty-Five miles from town, a million miles from mainstream society, a loose-knit community of eco-pioneers, teenage runaways, war veterans and drop-outs, live on the fringe and off the grid, struggling to survive with little food, less water and no electricity, as they cling to their unique vision of the American dream…”

(“Off The Grid: Life On The Mesa” via Snag Films)

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  1. @Trevor- One of your strengths is your knowledge of Bucky Fuller works and ideas. You’ve put together a book; what about taking it to the next level? I think you’ll find more questions and answers THERE. Some of his ideas (with possible modifications) could assist people like those portrayed in this movie.

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