Tracing the Origins of the 2012 Phenomenon

In his master’s thesis Sacha Defesche traces the origins of the 2012 phenomenon, from the Brothers McKenna to Jose Arguelles to David Icke and beyond.

here has the notion of the year 2012 as holding a special apocalyptic or millennial significance originated? What are the most important historical sources for the 2012 phenomenon? Are there indeed several ‘pure’ (as in independent) sources of prophecy that separately mention the importance of the 2012 date as is often thought in New Age circles?

Skepsis: The 2012 Phenomenon

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  1. First of all, thank you for your post, and your site in general. What a great source of information it’s been for me! Secondly, from here on out, the term ‘you’ is used generally, not directed at the site owner. Thirdly, please pardon my lengthy comments, but massive verbosity is required to make even the simplest of relevant points, as the 2012 thing was a twisted, multithreaded obfuscation decades ago…now, upon entering its current iteration, where we see nth generation memepimps like Pinchbeck being taken as a primary source by increasingly large audiences, there are more distractions than ever from the specks of Philosopher’s Gold, for they are lost in overflowing piles of increasingly irrelevant bullshit. Amidst it all, there are only a few points of strategic and tactical relevance. Beyond those, the whole 2012 mess is best avoided for the tarbaby that it is. Seeing it as such is the first speck of Philosopher’s Gold it has to offer.

    Don’t think it’s a tarbaby? It’s certainly an adopted baby…even if not originally tarred by the agents of division, its results best serve whom? What a great counterintelligence psyop…Hey all you brilliant, next generation countercultural stars, with the brains and the will to make a better world, you’ve got access to exponentially greater amounts of information than any before, the tools to enhance yourselves more than you can imagine and it’s coming faster…individual empowerment already at the point you are each capable of more influence than whole groups were in the past and if you keep the bloody show going long enough each individual will have as much power as whole countries, all on a less than median income…but that tech level is probably a bit past 2012 and it will take concerted effort to get there…oh wait it’s all gonna end in four years so don’t bother with your long game, just sit back and watch the show…what, it’s all burning down? Just part of the ingression into novelty or whatever you want to call it on the way to something different from whatever it is you don’t like about reality and are subconsciously projecting onto this incomprehensible shift that’s going to happen all at once on some arbitrary date…no, you need to pay attention and stay up to speed on everything and maximize all your leverage points and learn how to work together, that’s how reality is really going to transmute, not by some metaphysical paper dragon at the end of the movie, but by truly conscious, empowered individuals consciously selecting, from the ever narrowing set of choices, the future realities where we survive and all are empowered, equally, to the maximum degrees of freedom of choice for all, till we all are gods. It’s a narrow motherfucking high road ridgeline between basins, extinction 49% of possible future realities on one side and the opposite 49% of possible future realities where we are all automatons in some perfected system of Control. Fuck it, you’re not a real magician if
    you have any other end goal than seeing humanity through that catastrophe point and even if you’re not a very good one at least spend your time researching and paying attention to the emerging solutions required to see everyone through all the forthcoming challenges (figure them out too) of the very system that creates such a possibility of literal godhood. Seeing such options, even if only on the net, focusing your consciousness on them in any way you can, literally adds density to those aggregate future paths in imaginary future time. Conjure for it. If you got into magic to get super powers, well, there they are, grab them for the one reason they’re there to be grabbed. It ain’t to end the game in some bullshit apocalyptic metaphysical change in four short years.

    Once again, thank you Klintron very much for your site. It’s an important type of research, keeping up with modern developments and including this ‘memetic archeology’, especially when it comes down to debugging one’s own cognitive structures. As empowered, ideally as continually-self-empowering individuals, it is vital to know who framed the thoughts permuting through our heads, where they got their thoughts, why and how they assembled their piece of the puzzle, with what goals in mind; how all the disparate puzzle-piece vectors combine into the chimera that now appears to have an existence of its own, masquerading for too many as an a priori, de facto answer to the question marks of life: all the unconscious assumptions each interacting node stands upon unknowingly as we reach up to grasp at the concept…it is nothing more than the shadow puppet theater of our collective hands.

    As magicians, a lot of wasted time is the least of the damage we are capable of manifesting, should incorrect data, insufficiently analyzed, lead astray.

    The only valid use of power is in service for the good of all. Power corrupts merely because none, and I mean NONE, have sufficient data nor the perspective required to even know what the fuck the good of all would be, let alone how the fuck to get there, or, frequently, to even notice the vast possibilities available beyond self-gratification. Prove me wrong. Do it, I dare you.

    PS – I got sidetracked ranting and and didn’t bother to point out the other specks of Philosophers Gold amidst the shit of the 2012 myth. Oh well, they’re just technical points about how reality works and how the nervous system interacts with it, including how these specific processes can be exploited. It’s more important to rally the troops at this point, even those who will never read this obscure comment on a random blog…heehee. You can ask me if you want but I won’t tell you that easily: Divine them yourself if you’re any good; you’d better Conjure up the Principality of Neuroscience and download as much as you can first or you won’t have the framework to even understand the answers divined.
    Speck 2 has to do with the real function of DMT in the human brain, far more simple and obvious than any of the blatantly metaphysical crap McKenna and Strassman peddled in their pseudoscientific non-explanations. Hell, Technoccult itself has posted, over the years, all the pieces you need to answer this puzzle, though finding exploitable methodology is another story, and Technoccult also posted all the keys to unlock the next:
    Speck 3 relates to the neurological functions behind the one very interesting little thing that was key to setting off McKenna’s visionary psychosis…that one little thing nobody bothers to remember or point out or analyze in a modern context. not the silly justification they invented for it, though either way its always ignored despite the fact it also relates to a lot of other anomalies generated by various strange practices you may have experienced or read about.

    dont forget – if you need any step in the explanatory process of either puzzle to be out of the realm of actual physiological and chemical processes in the nervous system, than you’re missing the point, oh and i really dont give a fuck about capital letters!

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