Technoccult TV: Antero Alli (part 1)

Update: Part 2 now available
Technoccult TV talks with Antero Alli about paratheater, his films, the 8 circuit model of consciousness, and his plans for the future.
Antero Alli is a paratheater director, filmmaker, astrologer, and the world’s leading expert on the 8 circuit model of consciousness. For more information about his work, or to purchase his DVDs, visit ParaTheatrical ReSearch and Vertical Pool Productions.
And of course, you can see him give a presentation on the 8 circuit model this October at Esozone in Portland.
Special thanks to: Chris Cloke, Bill Whitcomb, and Trevor Blake.
(Watch for more episodes of Technoccult TV, inlcluding part 2 of this interview plus interviews with Paul Laffoley, Nemo, The Red King, and many more)

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