Some people who would say that they practice majick would not necessarily like the world ‘occult’ which tends to have a darker connotation. It really just means esoteric, behind the scenes, or secret-not necessarily in the sense of a secret society but in the sense that it’s not the obvious level of reality. It’s the hidden level of reality. Astrology, for example, is an aspect of the occult that is as powerful today as it’s ever been. There are aspects of yoga mysticism that are very occult. When you start imagining different chakras and different rays of light, taking these lights and energies into your body and intoning majickal formulas, mantras . . . all those, though not from the West, partake of the basic ideas of the occult: that you can use your imagination, you can use desire, that you can use energy and the body in order to create different kinds of energies and even transform yourself and to some degree (and some people believe to a great degree) transform the world.

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