Antero Alli interview, plus: don’t forget Invisible Forest showings

This series of conversations is on the topic called the 8 Circuit Brain model. It is something that Timothy Leary first brought into the western consciousness, and later Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising gave it a more wide spread appeal. It was further developed by Antero in his book ‘Angel Tech’

This conversation covers the following topics:

History and introduction to the 8-circuit brain model
Absorb, Integrate, Transmit: Intelligence Increase
Embracing humility, flaws & paradox on the human journey
Circuit 1: Bio-Survival intelligence
Circuit 2: Emotional-Territorial intelligence
Direct experience
Meeting the needs of the second circuit

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To learn more about the 8 circuit model from Antero himself, be at Esozone

And don’t forget, you can see Antero’s new film Invisible Forest:

Thursday June 5, 9pm: DIVA Center, Eugene OR $5.
Friday June 6, 9:30pm: Hollywood Theatre, Portland OR $6.50
Sunday June 15, 2pm: NW Film Forum, Seattle WA. $8.
Wed. June 18, 8:30pm: Pickford Cinema, Bellingham WA $7.50
Friday June 27, 7pm: Shiny Object, West Sacramento. $5.

Here’s Erik Davis’s review of Invisible Forest:

Like a lot of heads, I first encountered the Finish wizard Antero Alli through his playful, prophetic, and handy books. If you are looking for a real-deal reality programming manual with just the right amount of Discordian spice, you can hardly do better than his classic debut, AngelTech. […] I’ve seen most of Alli’s movies, and they keep getting better. The Invisible Forest, Alli’s latest, is the strongest yet,

Full Story: Techngnosis

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  1. Has anyone tried the experiments in Prometheus Rising?

    Fucking yourself up (not caring about anything) indeed brings out the unbelievable.

    I was on a rock gig of a performing friend and was looping the Zelda tune in me hearing it trough the crowd and some guy told to his girlfriend “bah , zelda.”, then some hip-hop kids with baseball caps in the night approached me asking “who’s the master?” and i went like “hmf , the drummer” their reply was “No , who is the master who makes the grass green” I doubted they seen maybe logic.

    Same week I’ve seen a woman on TV change into a real reptilian.

    Also TV (dynamic) static noise brings all kinds of symbols all the time for me ever since i dropped acid.

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