Chemical Wedding: So bad it will be an Occult Classic

Chemical Wedding

“Fans of terrible movies shouldn’t miss Chemical Wedding, which contains so many wooden performances it should really have been thinned before release by the forestry commission. Director Julian Doyle shoots the whole thing as though it is a Hammer horror film, and most of the actresses have the Hammer hallmark of being extraordinarily unfit for acting. Most of the cast underact. The one, big – and I do mean big – exception is Simon Callow, who appears to have been taking acting lessons from Brian Blessed and, possibly as a result, gone stark staring bonkers.

Callow is at his exuberant worst as a stuttering Cambridge academic who – because of some incomprehensible scientific experiment that goes wrong – is taken over by the spirit of Aleister Crowley.”

(via The Daily Mail)

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  1. Haha, the reviews have been universally awful for this film. I can’t wait to see it! >:)

  2. From the description of it, it sounds like “The Devil Rides Out” meets “The Night of The Demon”, meets the stereotypical serial killer movie. Which is a shame. I would love to see someone put Crowley’s “autohagiography” (Confessions) on film. Now THAT would be entertaining;>)

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